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“I did not know a great deal about softwashing before I went out to Kent. I’ve seen a lot of videos on facebook, youtube and a lot of conflicting information. So I went down with an open mind really. Now, Darran and his team welcomed me with open arms as did the americans and as did the other trainees. I highly recommend this course. I am a practical learning sort of guy. I need hands on experience.”

Chad Cambell

“I decided to go on the training because although I’ve researched it for years, there is so many contradictions in the community across Facebook. I am looking forward to the future and I am so glad that I actually attended them training days.”

Dan Mason

“I’ve recently attempted Discover SoftWash in Asford. Darran Smith, Ac Locyer and a whole softwash team taught me so much about softwashing. It is already proven to be worth every penny that I’ve spent on the course. I am more confident than ever before and now my softwashing business is growing faster.”

Koorush Amel

“It was a cracking 3 days, it was a great event. We had some theory in the mornings some classroom work and than followed in the afternoons we went out and did a lot of demonstrations. Clean some roof, some cladding. There was an industrial unit that was cleaned down. It was fantastic. I would wholeheartedly recommend this event.”

Andy Leet

“We’ve bout a Blend 50 system back in April 2017. We was the first contractor in the UK to buy one of these systems. And ever since it’s been a massive time saver… Turn your switch on, set your dials, pull your hose reheels out and way you go. Time is money, it’s a no brainer.”

Lee Barrow

“I took Ac’s Sales Camp last year, October 2017. We have been in business since 2009. The main issue we had was selling our value and not knowing what to say and being kinda nervous to talk to property owners or business owners. The Sales Bootcamp was an excellent experience all around.”